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Universal Student Behavior Expectations

Appropriate behavior is expected by all students throughout the school day. Students are responsible for their behavior from the time that they leave home in the morning for school until the time they get home from school in the afternoon.

The classroom teacher is the person in charge of the classroom at all times. When a student does not follow classroom rules and regulations, the teacher will make attempts to correct the behavior through classroom interventions, student conferences, parent contacts, or a counselor referral. When misbehavior is persistent or severe, an office referral may occur.

At all times students are expected to follow all Rockwood School District and LaSalle Springs expectations and procedures. At LaSalle Springs Middle School, our universal expectations for student behavior are guided by five character traits:

  1. Proactive: Students are ready to succeed and accountable for their actions.
  2. Respectful: Students show consideration for others, their environment, and themselves.
  3. Integrity: Students demonstrate positive character even when no one else is watching.
  4. Determined: Students show perseverance and grit.
  5. Engaged: Students are actively involved in learning, leading, and serving.

The matrix that follows provides examples of how these character traits are demonstrated throughout various settings.

Guest Teacher Behavior Guidelines

Exemplary behavior is expected from students at all times, especially during visits from guest teachers. When a student is reported to the classroom teacher by a guest teacher as having been disruptive to the learning environment, the classroom teacher will conference with the student and contact a parent. The teacher may also assign a classroom detention. Severe or subsequent offenses of guest teacher misbehavior may be referred to the office for additional disciplinary action.

Hallway/Locker Room Behavior Guidelines

Students who leave class at a time other than a passing period must have a hall pass or be with a
LSMS staff member.

Students shall not run, push, shove or engage in horseplay in hallways or locker rooms at any time. Students should always conduct themselves appropriately and move in hallways and locker rooms in a safe, respectful, and orderly fashion.

Emergency Preparedness

Students are expected to know and follow all emergency preparedness procedures. In addition, they are expected to follow all directions given to them by staff members during fire, earthquake, intruder, and tornado drills.