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Visiting and Communicating with Students

Parents/Guardians are always welcome at LaSalle Springs Middle School. However, due to safety concerns, guidelines for visits have been established. Parents/Guardians who plan to visit their children during the school day, must pre-arrange their visit with an administrator. Classroom visits should be planned with a minimum of one school day's notice, and no visits will be allowed on the days before holiday breaks or during the last week of school. Between the hours of 7:47am and 2:39pm, all visitors must enter the building through the main entrance and stop at the Welcome Center to sign in and receive a visitor's badge for identification. Parents will be required to show a photo ID before being allowed to enter our building.

All lunchtime visits are scheduled at the discretion of the principals and should also be pre-arranged. During lunch parents are discouraged from bringing in outside food (such as meals or birthday treats) that is intended for a specific group of students. Outside food can inadvertently exclude students or cause a disruption.


Parents are discouraged from texting or calling their student's cell phone during school hours. Phones are available in the Welcome Center for student use. Students who need to make a phone call during a class may obtain a pass to the office from the classroom teacher, or may use the classroom phone with the teacher's permission.

All after school plans should be made before arriving to school. Should an incoming emergency phone message for students be left with school personnel, an attempt will be made to relay the message as quickly as possible.