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Volunteers and Committees

LSMS PTO helps to support various activities throughout the school year, and it's only possible with the help of volunteers like you! This is a great way to get to know the LSMS staff and other families.


Adopt A Family/Spring Clean

Sarah Bracken

Help the PTO help our families in need.  Help organizing donations and wrapping presents.

Check out opportunities on our Membership Toolkit.

Copy Committee

Sarah Bracken

Come help the teachers make copies. Volunteer must be able to commit to 1 day a week during the school year. Thank you.


Lisa Heisel & Reese Benlien

  • Lock-In Lead Nichole Moreno
  • School Store Lead Valerie Maule and Tina Woods
  • Book Fair Lead Pam Nickrent
  • Cotillion Lead Tina Woods

Elizabeth Pierson

Back to School Luncheon

Spring and Fall Conference Meals.   Jennifer Heisel & Lisa Heisel

Dessert Day

Web Trivia Night

Teacher Appreciation

5th Grade Visits

Staff Appreciation Days.

Contact us or check out hospitality opportunities on our Membership Toolkit.